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Rei to my Nagisa

I don’t… I don’t want to give up either! I want to stay in the swim club, and I want to decide all kinds of things for myself!

Free! + Colors - cyan & pink

H a p p y  B i r t h d a y
    with rin Hana-chan

Uta for justnosense


Whoops I completely forgot about that one. I’m also offering preorders for the Free! Eternal Summer 2015 Calendar! It’s A2 size and uses six exclusive illustrations of the Samezuka & Iwatobi boys in various job outfits.

3100 yen, and you need to pay within two days if you want in because Tuesday September 23rd is the preorder limit :) The calendar will be released on November 25th and it’ll take another 10 days for me to receive them and ship them again.

Please send an email to comecomeparadise at outlook dot com with the title “Free! calendar order” if you want in, make sure you specify what country you want it shipped to and I’ll ask for payment. I prefer money to be sent to my Paypal directly but if you don’t have Paypal I can also send an invoice you can pay by credit card. Please also send questions by email, it’s way easier for me to keep track of things from my email inbox, not to mention I’ve realized from e-mails some asks sent to me have been lost. So no asks please.

Since the delay is short I’d appreciate it if you could reblog to spread the word as fast as possible :)

Thank you!


this is my only contribution

the ways Rin looks at Haruka in episode 12.


Iwatobi Swim Club Alternative Hair Colours 

With the third years, let’s go to the spring tournament together! 

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